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[ywang@mdlgate ~]$ write dqyu pts/5
[ywang@mdlgate ~]$ write dqyu pts/7
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mdl      pts/1        2009-11-27 08:01 (-)
mdl      pts/2        2009-12-08 18:54 (-)
mdl      pts/4        2009-12-11 16:06 (-)
dqyu     pts/5        2009-12-11 17:18 (-)
fjchen   pts/6        2009-11-23 01:28 (:1.0)
dqyu     pts/7        2009-12-10 16:28 (-)
ywang    pts/8        2009-12-11 17:21 (dyn--.dyn.columbia.edu)
mdl      pts/16       2009-11-26 21:32 (-)
fjchen   pts/11       2009-11-25 20:39 (:1.0)
fjchen   pts/9        2009-11-23 19:08 (:1.0)
mdl      pts/17       2009-11-26 21:32 (-)
[ywang@mdlgate ~]$
Message from dqyu@mdlgate on pts/5 at 17:22 ...

[ywang@mdlgate ~]$
[ywang@mdlgate ~]$ write dqyu pts/5
so you are there, interesting..
[ywang@mdlgate ~]$ write dqyu pts/5
how are youYes

I am OK
[ywang@mdlgate ~]$ write dqyu pts/5
job hunting... but hard
I will graduate this month
Message from dqyu@mdlgate on pts/5 at 17:24 ...
[ywang@mdlgate ~]$ write dqyu pts/5
have some idea to do some thingcan you see my messagecan you see my messages?

Message from dqyu@mdlgate on pts/5 at 17:25 ...
[ywang@mdlgate ~]$ EOF
write dqyu pts/5
yes, I can se
Message from dqyu@mdlgate on pts/5 at 17:25 ...
e your message
[ywang@mdlgate ~]$ what about haha,zan
we are using so old style to talk:)

[ywang@mdlgate ~]$ write dqyu pts/5
[ywang@mdlgate ~]$ write dqyu pts/5
yes, actually we don't need GUI
[ywang@mdlgate ~]$ talk
Message from dqyu@mdlgate on pts/5 at 17:27 ...
haha, are you using linux terminal only?

[ywang@mdlgate ~]$ write dqyu pts/5
I am on Ubuntu, this is a terminal.
I think you are at CTB, am I right?
[ywang@mdlgate ~]$
Message from dqyu@mdlgate on pts/5 at 17:28 ...
zan, Yes, I am at CTB. And sorry, I have to go for dinner.

[ywang@mdlgate ~]$ write dqyu pts/5
good, have a nice eat!
[ywang@mdlgate ~]$ write dqyu pts/5
bye, keep in touch
Message from dqyu@mdlgate on pts/5 at 17:29 ...
[ywang@mdlgate ~]$ Thank you, see you again. And you can send email to me if you need any help:)

Chrome for Linux finally Out!

after so loooong waiting...

Immediately got speed tracer plug-in running, amazingly fast.

Interesting Google Ads with Evil Purpose

I just looked up a word at MW.
A small Google Ads with key word 'undefined' came out.

A closer look:

Who is like to be labeled as 'undefined'?
I am curious and clicked the link, ha, a BROKEN link

Some one must hate Verizon Wireless so much and desperately want it disappear :-)

A Conversation with Advertisement Robot

Jenny Says: Hello there! Welcome to UpSellit.com. My name is Jenny and I am a SmartAgent®.

I represent the premier artificial intelligent-based chat and I specialize in increasing your website's conversions by up to 25%!

Jenny Says: Please feel free to ask me any question you may have about us and I will do my best to answer.

Jenny Says: Or, if you would simply like additional information, please fill out the form below and one of our Account Executives will contact you.

You: so you are a robot

Jenny Says: I'm not a real person -- I'm a SmartAgent®! :)

You: well, you are really smart. waht is the result of 1+1?

Jenny Says: I'd like to think I'm very smart, but I'm biased :)

You: what is the result of 1+1?

Jenny Says: Well lets see here... 2 :)

You: do you use google?

Jenny Says: Our SmartAgent® are programmed by an in-house scripting department to your specifications -- fully customizable. For more questions or information simply fill out the form below and one of our Account Executives will contact you.

Spam not Caught by Gmail

Warping Image!


Tion for the men. The way it will ride o




 to ywang
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Est Indies. A complete round trip usually meant a cargo of manufactures
from France to Canada, a cargo of timber, fish, and grain from Canada to
the West Indies, and a third cargo--of sugar, molasses, and rum--from
the West Indies home to France. Quite half the vessels, however,
returned direct to France with a Canadian cargo. Louisbourg was a
universal port of call, the centre of a partly contraband coasting trade
with the British Americans, and a considerable importing point for
food-stuffs from Quebec. French commerce on the sea had, however, a
mighty rival. The encroaching British were working their way into every

10K   V

Thought on (Personal) Resource Management

Resource management
A lot of (web) apps try to do personal resource management (with social sharing), I see their strength, but weakness is that they are still not easy enough to be usable by masses:
too many clicks (and distraction) to get some real thing organized, and more clicks to search and reuse.
I believe current technology is already mature for much better resource management in a more efficient fashion. And I am serious about it.
Ideal thing will be a light UI web serivce, easy to search, organize and reuse resources within 1 to 2 clicks, some support for graph visualization and multimedia, and be open.
current product
  • Online bookmark
evernote: large icon (image) for each note, good UI for that http://www.evernote.com/pub/yi-wang/www
tumblr's archieve has same idea, 'the larger, the better' http://tags.yi-wang.me/archive
Diigo * side panel search, social sharing, a China R&D company
Xmark* sync
  • Desktop
Onenote: M$'s huge package
  • Graph
Mind Mapping
XMind*: http://www.xmind.net/ Can upload graphs
Freemind: nice neat tree structure.
* are those I use almost everyday now, others I just tried a few times.
facebook, twitter and blog are some content with a timestamp
Google reader adds "note in reader" bookmarklet then looks more and more like hybrid twitter
Goolge notebook is too complicated to be useful.
technology today
  • Bookmarklet
DOM manipulation
Info discovery http://leftlogic.com/lounge/articles/microformats_bookmarklet
webpage live capture & picture editing https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/11587
  • Ajax libs
jQuery, Prototype, Dojo, MochiKit, YUI, GWT
  • Back-end like search and ML is very mature
  • User identity (registration) is easier and easier
webfinger http://www.webfinger.cc
Facebook connect, Twitter OAuth, Google Friend Connect, 人人连接

Difference between #.. and *[id=..] as jQuery Selector

'*[id=a]' selects multiple elements with the same id: a.
'#a' only selects the first one with id=a.

Notes on IRB Training

Belmont Report 1979

Respect -  informed consent
Beneficence - maximizing benefits, minimizing risk
Justice -  share benefits fairly

Chrome OS

  • Open Source
  • Certified Boot procedure
  • Local Data encryption
  • print capability
  • UI: favorite Tab, Panel
  • Photoshop on the web?
  • Android App not working
  • can run in virtual machine

一切为了iframe? Google Friend Connect 完胜 Facebook Connect, 不再要求上传跨域Channel文件

Facebook Connect利用iframe跨域的原理图
使用Facebook Connect 之前需要进行的跨域配置

最近发布的Google Friend Connect 不再需要上传跨域文件,这必定能够吸引更多的一般用户
GFC技术文档提到没有使用iframe  (Really?)

http://www.Yi-Wang.me on Google

First page in search result.

Twitter 和 同学 (tongxue.com) 的背景图片


同学 (tongxue.com)

Piwik and FireStats

Installed Piwik and FireStats, both are runing on PHP and MySQL for web analytics.

Piwik uses Javascript, FireStats has a "middleware" to deal with Django.

Piwik has nice charting, as it aims to be open sourced Google Analytics, however it seems still not has the desperately needed excluding IP feature implemented.

FireStats has IP exclusion.

Piwik is open source, FireStats is not free for commercial use.

Columbia as an ISP, CUIT Manager Talks about "Free Love" IDS Solution Based on Only Network Traffic

Policy: Don't ask, don't know.
Legal research or illegal research.
Bug in the machine name, Mac address

y=A+(C*(D+log base B X))

Flex Tech Interview

CreateComplete Event
Data binding
Http request

Goto ISSO at Columbia


View Larger Map

Yahoo Phone Tech Interview

Thank Xiang-Wei first.

dynamic cast
STL vector claim more memory

Random access on link list
Random number generator
Map Reduce

Morgan Stanley 2nd Interview

soft link vs. hard link
design pattern
interface vs. abstract class
Virtual Function
member of base class
virtual constructor
fib, dynamic programming
reference vs. pointer

reverse a string
loop in link list
remove_if STL
map key value

sort O(N)

perl easy to debug, light weighted task, C++ over kill
SORT, linear system, C/C++

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FTP Active and Passive mode

PORT for Active
PASV for Passive

used before LIST etc

inside VirtualBox 3.X, illegal PORT address
Use Active mode in VirtualBox 2.2 is fine to access mdl


Microsoft, JPMorgan, Dinining, MMG

Television Design.

Trading floor.

American and continental style of knife and fork.

Find page #
client exposure
10 ppl

Morgan Stanley Techinical Analyst

Source control

check length, overflow
database, C/C++, wrapper, Perl

static key word
quick sort, pivot, n^2
virtual constructor, destructor

reference vs. pointer
graph, BFS, DFS
Sybase, DB2, no Oracle
4yr VP

Tower Research Capital LLC

Pay extra caution to recruit programmer planning to trading.
Trust, afraid of unique expertise to make money be stolen, then money be print elsewhere.
No UI, traders are programmers, API, view log.
Fast messaging, command goes to exchange.

System IT

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Ubuntu Software after reinstallation

Google Toolbar
Adobe Flash plug-in
Virtual Box
ibus - apt
add language Chinese
MadEdit - deb
Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar
Anjuta IDE

IDS lecture 2 CVN

credit card example, anomaly detection in IDS system.

large post office, double pay check from social security etc.
mail boxes at boarder of adjacent states.

No Gnome after Hibernation Crash

Identify the problem is SCIM related by looking at ~/.xsession-errors.
SCIM configuration does not work.

I thought Fixed by uninstall and reinstall SCIM.
But actually scim-pinyin is the package that makes SCIM unusable if installed.

Then tried ibus, which works.
Reinstall video card driver.


/etc/gdm/Xsession: Beginning session setup...
Setting IM through im-switch for locale=en_US.
Start IM through /home/e/.xinput.d/en_US linked to /etc/X11/xinit/xinput.d/scim.
Smart Common Input Method 1.4.7

Launching a SCIM daemon with Socket FrontEnd...
Loading simple Config module ...
Creating backend ...
Loading socket FrontEnd module ...
Starting SCIM as daemon ...
Launching a SCIM process with x11...
Loading socket Config module ...
Creating backend ...
Loading x11 FrontEnd module ...
GTK Panel of SCIM 1.4.7

Starting SCIM as daemon ...
SCIM has been successfully launched.
I: caps.c: Limited capabilities successfully to CAP_SYS_NICE.
I: caps.c: Dropping root privileges.
I: caps.c: Limited capabilities successfully to CAP_SYS_NICE.
N: main.c: Called SUID root and real-time and/or high-priority scheduling was requested in the configuration. However, we lack the necessary privileges:
N: main.c: We are not in group 'pulse-rt', PolicyKit refuse to grant us the requested privileges and we have no increase RLIMIT_NICE/RLIMIT_RTPRIO resource limits.
N: main.c: For enabling real-time/high-priority scheduling please acquire the appropriate PolicyKit privileges, or become a member of 'pulse-rt', or increase the RLIMIT_NICE/RLIMIT_RTPRIO resource limits for this user.
** Message: Another GPG agent already running


(gnome-settings-daemon:5665): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_propagate_error: assertion `src != NULL' failed

(gnome-settings-daemon:5665): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_propagate_error: assertion `src != NULL' failed
Window manager warning: Failed to read saved session file /home/e/.config/metacity/sessions/1074c4d14cc8bac898125245810813389000000055550020.ms: Failed to open file '/home/e/.config/metacity/sessions/1074c4d14cc8bac898125245810813389000000055550020.ms': No such file or directory
Starting CDEmu daemon
Starting daemon in local mode with following parameters:
- num devices: 2
- ctl device: /dev/vhba_ctl
- audio driver: default
- bus type: session
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 0.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Initialized Panel Applet Signaler.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 1.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 2.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 3.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 4.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 5.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 6.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 7.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 8.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 9.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 10.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 11.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 12.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 13.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 14.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 15.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 16.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 17.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 18.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 19.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 20.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 21.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 22.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 23.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 24.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 25.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 26.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 27.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 28.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 29.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 30.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 31.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 32.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 33.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 34.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 35.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 36.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 37.
Nautilus-Share-Message: Called "net usershare info" but it failed: 'net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare: cannot open usershare directory /var/lib/samba/usershares. Error No such file or directory
Please ask your system administrator to enable user sharing.

** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 38.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 39.
** (nm-applet:5679): DEBUG: applet_common_device_state_changed
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 40.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 41.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 42.

(gnome-panel:5674): Gdk-WARNING **: /build/buildd/gtk+2.0-2.16.1/gdk/x11/gdkdrawable-x11.c:878 drawable is not a pixmap or window

(gnome-panel:5674): libglade-WARNING **: Unexpected element inside .
** (nm-applet:5679): DEBUG: applet_common_device_state_changed
** (nm-applet:5679): DEBUG: applet_common_device_state_changed
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 43.
** (nm-applet:5679): DEBUG: applet_common_device_state_changed
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 44.
** (gnome-panel:5674): DEBUG: Adding applet 45.

** (nautilus:5675): WARNING **: Unable to add monitor: Not supported
evolution-alarm-notify-Message: Setting timeout for 82661 1252540800 1252458139
evolution-alarm-notify-Message: Wed Sep 9 20:00:00 2009

evolution-alarm-notify-Message: Tue Sep 8 21:02:19 2009

** (update-notifier:5713): DEBUG: /usr/lib/update-notifier/apt-check returned 0 (security: 0)
** (update-notifier:5713): DEBUG: crashreport_check

Nautilus-Share-Message: Called "net usershare info" but it failed: 'net usershare' returned error 255: net usershare: cannot open usershare directory /var/lib/samba/usershares. Error No such file or directory
Please ask your system administrator to enable user sharing.



Assembla 和 Google Code

不同hosting service的比较

Assembla 和 Google Code 都支持在网上查看源代码。
Google Code支持不同版本之间的文件的diff

Launchpad 用 Bazaar

Firefox Add-ons

FoxTab: disabled
Google Toolbar
GooglePreview: graphical memory of a website
IE Tab
New Tab King: no Linux version
Xmarks: bookmarks synchronization
DictCN: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/2082

VMware Server 2 vs. Sun VirtualBox

Tomcat service can not start up.
No Uninstall method found.

VirtualBox wins for now.


Negative cost cycle, make infinite money.

3 Kruskal

"Date come, you have to deal with it. That is life."

To understand things happened to me and the things happened to the world is very different. And people don't understand that.

"Never say what you are talking is not interesting. Rule one of public speaking."

"That's the person who you should think that has some kind of super nature power, the person who never had a dream that comes true." (about probability)

"It (gambling) is a useful life skill to have."

You trip. You drop the punching cards on the floor.

"You should wake up in the middle of the night, and you just know that."


坐最后一排,看不见黑板,故而需要eye glasses


和facebook等待竞争下没有open API,于是开始做它们的“插件”

Picasa Mac Uploader

Windows上Picasa看来远远好于Live Photo Gallery