Negative cost cycle, make infinite money.

3 Kruskal

"Date come, you have to deal with it. That is life."

To understand things happened to me and the things happened to the world is very different. And people don't understand that.

"Never say what you are talking is not interesting. Rule one of public speaking."

"That's the person who you should think that has some kind of super nature power, the person who never had a dream that comes true." (about probability)

"It (gambling) is a useful life skill to have."

You trip. You drop the punching cards on the floor.

"You should wake up in the middle of the night, and you just know that."


坐最后一排,看不见黑板,故而需要eye glasses


和facebook等待竞争下没有open API,于是开始做它们的“插件”

Picasa Mac Uploader

Windows上Picasa看来远远好于Live Photo Gallery