Difference between #.. and *[id=..] as jQuery Selector

'*[id=a]' selects multiple elements with the same id: a.
'#a' only selects the first one with id=a.

Notes on IRB Training

Belmont Report 1979

Respect -  informed consent
Beneficence - maximizing benefits, minimizing risk
Justice -  share benefits fairly

Chrome OS

  • Open Source
  • Certified Boot procedure
  • Local Data encryption
  • print capability
  • UI: favorite Tab, Panel
  • Photoshop on the web?
  • Android App not working
  • can run in virtual machine

一切为了iframe? Google Friend Connect 完胜 Facebook Connect, 不再要求上传跨域Channel文件

Facebook Connect利用iframe跨域的原理图
使用Facebook Connect 之前需要进行的跨域配置

最近发布的Google Friend Connect 不再需要上传跨域文件,这必定能够吸引更多的一般用户
GFC技术文档提到没有使用iframe  (Really?)

http://www.Yi-Wang.me on Google

First page in search result.

Twitter 和 同学 (tongxue.com) 的背景图片


同学 (tongxue.com)