Piwik and FireStats

Installed Piwik and FireStats, both are runing on PHP and MySQL for web analytics.

Piwik uses Javascript, FireStats has a "middleware" to deal with Django.

Piwik has nice charting, as it aims to be open sourced Google Analytics, however it seems still not has the desperately needed excluding IP feature implemented.

FireStats has IP exclusion.

Piwik is open source, FireStats is not free for commercial use.

Columbia as an ISP, CUIT Manager Talks about "Free Love" IDS Solution Based on Only Network Traffic

Policy: Don't ask, don't know.
Legal research or illegal research.
Bug in the machine name, Mac address

y=A+(C*(D+log base B X))

Flex Tech Interview

CreateComplete Event
Data binding
Http request

Goto ISSO at Columbia


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Yahoo Phone Tech Interview

Thank Xiang-Wei first.

dynamic cast
STL vector claim more memory

Random access on link list
Random number generator
Map Reduce

Morgan Stanley 2nd Interview

soft link vs. hard link
design pattern
interface vs. abstract class
Virtual Function
member of base class
virtual constructor
fib, dynamic programming
reference vs. pointer

reverse a string
loop in link list
remove_if STL
map key value

sort O(N)

perl easy to debug, light weighted task, C++ over kill
SORT, linear system, C/C++

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FTP Active and Passive mode

PORT for Active
PASV for Passive

used before LIST etc

inside VirtualBox 3.X, illegal PORT address
Use Active mode in VirtualBox 2.2 is fine to access mdl


Microsoft, JPMorgan, Dinining, MMG

Television Design.

Trading floor.

American and continental style of knife and fork.

Find page #
client exposure
10 ppl

Morgan Stanley Techinical Analyst

Source control

check length, overflow
database, C/C++, wrapper, Perl

static key word
quick sort, pivot, n^2
virtual constructor, destructor

reference vs. pointer
graph, BFS, DFS
Sybase, DB2, no Oracle
4yr VP