Thought on (Personal) Resource Management

Resource management
A lot of (web) apps try to do personal resource management (with social sharing), I see their strength, but weakness is that they are still not easy enough to be usable by masses:
too many clicks (and distraction) to get some real thing organized, and more clicks to search and reuse.
I believe current technology is already mature for much better resource management in a more efficient fashion. And I am serious about it.
Ideal thing will be a light UI web serivce, easy to search, organize and reuse resources within 1 to 2 clicks, some support for graph visualization and multimedia, and be open.
current product
  • Online bookmark
evernote: large icon (image) for each note, good UI for that
tumblr's archieve has same idea, 'the larger, the better'
Diigo * side panel search, social sharing, a China R&D company
Xmark* sync
  • Desktop
Onenote: M$'s huge package
  • Graph
Mind Mapping
XMind*: Can upload graphs
Freemind: nice neat tree structure.
* are those I use almost everyday now, others I just tried a few times.
facebook, twitter and blog are some content with a timestamp
Google reader adds "note in reader" bookmarklet then looks more and more like hybrid twitter
Goolge notebook is too complicated to be useful.
technology today
  • Bookmarklet
DOM manipulation
Info discovery
webpage live capture & picture editing
  • Ajax libs
jQuery, Prototype, Dojo, MochiKit, YUI, GWT
  • Back-end like search and ML is very mature
  • User identity (registration) is easier and easier
Facebook connect, Twitter OAuth, Google Friend Connect, 人人连接

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