Book: Using Node.js for UI Testing

This is a book I got from the linked-in JavaScript group downloaded for free for review, but I had not finished reading through it yet.

The author is from Nodejitsu (I used some of their npm packages: forever, http-server), so it should have some decent and credible content.

The book uses Zombie.js and mocha, I use PhantomJS and mocha. There are Zombie.js vs PhantomJS comparisons:

My understanding is that PhantomJS is runing as another process (as a headless webkit browser so can do real rendering and basically all stuff browser can do) while Zombie.js is within Node.js as a module (so might not have all real browser features supported but easier to write directly in Node).

The book has code examples about installing and using modules (like extended module's documentation with more step by step guide and more explanation along the way)

When I got some bandwidth, would definitely like to get hand down and try out some of the examples indside.

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